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Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues
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Paul Gauguin, Beach at Le Pouldu, 1889
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Mother-Daughter Portrait Project on Domesticity Gone Wrong

San Francisco-based photographer Lee Materazzi has put together a quirky and unique series of what she calls “disrupted domestic acts.” The work is a collaboration with Materazzi’s own mother, the two of them taking turns as both subject and photographer as they perform messy—and it looks as though at times, uncomfortable—interpretations of mundane, everyday tasks. We recently asked Materazzi to tell us more about the project and the experience of working with her mother.

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please stop living your life for a picture

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I’m wrestling with a world where 20 somethings are described as apathetic, lazy, and selfish.

I’m also struggling to fulfill what I’ve been told since birth: You can be whatever you want to be.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that this consciousness of complexities, realities, and conflict roots itself deeper into my mind. Is this adulthood? Does being able to critique everything make us grown up? To ‘meta’ is to complete or add to something, usually self-referentially. Why do we feel the need to meta the childhood experience?

My work has been called whimsical, a fitting description, but I hope to reach for something bigger. Through design, sculpture, video art, and photography, I will study how we construct meaning from experience, namely childhood.

I am still experiencing critical periods of life and maturation, trying to balance tensions, nostalgia, and the process of my experience of aging through my art and design. My work will serve as a foil between my experiences, other peoples’, and the world’s experiences of growing up. I want to redesign, revision, and redevelop the collective process of transitioning from child to adult.

While avoiding the ‘ivory tower’ that occurs when an artist or designer is not connected to the community, I plan to create impact with holistic and aesthetic solutions and to provide a venue for questions, dialogue, and discussion.


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~   Group, The (1966) — (Movie Clip) Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl
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David Foster Wallace on leadership, in gorgeous felt-on-felt typographic artwork by Debbie Millman. Available as a print, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 
Transcript and a beautiful reading here.
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Canvas  by  andbamnan