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Carissa Rodriguez.

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i always say what i think other people will want to hear. this is something i would like to work on. 


Minna Parikka Fall 2014 | HonestlyWTF
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On Instagram: Rationale and Reasoning

I just saw via a link on Facebook an interesting online article. It was shallow and vapid, but had a solid concept. The writer showed a few of her typical instagram posts (the perfected selfie or the perfectly posed new jewelry casually strewn on a pretty bedspread) and then compared what they look like with what was actually going on (which was mostly her taking way too many pictures and wondering if she looked pregnant). 

So I have grabbed my last 20 instagram posts, and I intend to really say what I was thinking.

Starting in a backwards fashion…

May 29, 2014. Me and my sister. I looked good, so I instagrammed it. 

Mom and me ordering burritos. Wanted people to know I like real Mexican food, a complete bragging moment. Plus my mom is cool and took me to this place I had never heard of. It was an amazing burrito. 

Blue bottle coffee carton. Sunglasses. Spare change. Ehh let’s be honest, it just looked hip, and that is my favorite coffee. I said some silly caption. Slightly pretentious. 

Liquid Plastic. Practicing with materials for senior thesis. This was fucking awesome. And dangerous. Obviously my instagram followers have to stay updated on my edgy artistic endeavors. 

Old picture of me and sister. A nice contrast between the good picture. Also wanted people to know what I used to look like. 

Picture of home grassy knoll. Said something about leaving home and going to New York. More for myself than anyone else. 

Dad on TMZ. Funny. Classic. Dad’s day. 

Ceiling minimalism. First lonely attic instagram. Romanticizing my ceiling to cope. 

Bon Appetit Layout. Totally illegal. Too beautiful. Also more for myself. 

Trippy work graphic. Showing off the design chops. 

Attic exterior. Probably bored and went outside to take this. I can’t even remember. 

Sadie and Highline. First picture edited on VSCO app. I think I instagrammed this because the piece of art was insanely relevant and plus Sadie visited so that was a highlight. 

Photoshopped YoYo Ma. I think I’m good at photoshop. Wanted to be witty. 

Ceiling Part 2. Definitely bored as fuck. This was an old picture. Probably stayed up late anxious about how many likes this would get. 

Lobster. I was proud of myself for eating this little guy. He was pretty. Plus east coast people love a lobster pic. 

Sliced power line. Was out for a walk and happened upon this. Thought I was clever. Got a big head when someone called me clever. 

Question mark. I think this was in a book I’m reading. I said it was a self portrait. Could be interesting as an art project…. Plus that color purple mmmhmm it is delicious. 

Mom and sister. It was mom’s bday. Definitely instagrammed right before bed. Missing the family. 

New York Type. This makes my day every time I pass it. Funny story a few days after I posted this… 

Bun warmer. A relic of last weekend. A cool composition. I was happy. 


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are we defined by what we do when no one is watching us?

San Fermin

A happy weekend of birthdays, friends, baking, and biking.

The attic ain’t so bad

sorry art world/anyone with the last name jackson… i bought this on a shirt. 
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Google X, the company’s in-house future technologies research lab, is working on smart contact lenses that could help diabetics monitor their blood sugar level through their tears.
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